Courses & Workshops

Top of the Mountain – Oil –

Workshop coming in 2021!  

I am looking forward to the New Year and the opportunity to hold a class on classic landscape painting!  The Canadian landscape is world famous and many an artist throughout history have been moved to paint its beauty.  There is an emotional draw to our favourite places and what better way to honour that attachment than by painting them.

If this class cannot be held in the studio then we will take our painting outdoors.  I will keep you posted on timing depending on the advice of the healthcare professionals……something to look forward to!

Spring Faces – Oil


Welcoming Spring     Please click on “Welcoming Spring” to open the complete course information!!  Course dates are set!  March 21 and 22 2020.


Ever wanted to know how to paint flowers?  Now is your chance to explore painting spring pansies in the medium of oil.  I am holding a small painting class in early March 2020.  Paint will be supplied –  all you need to bring is a small surface to paint on (9″ x 12″ or 11″ x 14″ canvas) and a few brushes, enthusiasm and a smile!

I will post the exact date, time and cost in a week or so 🙂  I am looking forward to spreading the joy of painting!





Carolynn is opening her studio to artists interested in some individual instruction in a small class setting. The class is flexible but demonstrations on technique will be part of most classes. Classes vary from working on your own project to working on specific projects chosen by the class. For example, the class may work from photographs, still life, tackle trouble spots, learn how to simplify subject matter….anything is possible.

The class is run Wednesdays from 9:30 am to 11:30 am at a cost of $180.00 for a class session of 6 – 2 hour classes. If a student wishes to come to the Wed class on a drop in basis, the class cost will be $20.00 per hour. Space is limited so please call ahead to secure a space.

Telephone 604 – 536 – 6388 for reserving a space. All levels of expertise are welcome. All you need to bring is enthusiasm, a smile, a love to paint and of course your supplies.