Fragile by Nature

People often ask me how I came to be a painter when my education was in science – biology and mathematics specifically….the study of the Natural world. I tell them that that study has guided me through my journey as an artist. It taught me to be investigative, to ‘see’, to be nimble, to enjoy and respect the world around me. As an explorer I have painted in all media. Painted all manner of subjects. I have very much enjoyed and feel privileged to have taken this journey.

I have painted small and mini paintings in recent years with the desire for keeping my art affordable to anyone who wishes to own an original piece of Art. I will continue to do this but my work is evolving and changing direction somewhat. There is an urgency to my work in the last months. Living within the forests of the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, I have come to marvel at the ‘magic’ of trees and the rainforest. They are in jeopardy. Global warming, fire and logging of forests for population expansion is threatening our forests, in particular the Old Growth Rainforests.

My mission for the next years is to record these ancient trees on canvas, on paper, with tiles. My record of them at the moment is large. It is the first time I have actually used a ladder to paint a painting. I am hoping to expose the vulnerability and fragility of these giants through my paintings, while acknowledging the majesty. I want their ‘voices’ to be heard…..we were here, we mattered……

PLEASE feel free to contact Carolynn about pricing if you are interested in purchasing any of her paintings – at carolynn.doan9@gmail.com